Yoga/Reiki Afternoon Retreat

Yoga / Reiki Afternoon Retreat 1-3:30 pm / $30 pre-registration required / Limited class size (10)

Solar eclipses are a great time for self-healing and introspection. As the veil is symbolically lifted, we gain the opportunity to see deeper and more clearly into our inner universe. Join SANDY MORRELL E-RYT 200 YACEP / Reiki Master for an afternoon of asanas, breath work, meditation, and reiki in celebration and preparation of this eye-opening event on April 8.

The yoga positions (asanas) will align the chakras and include a combination of gentle yin and restorative poses. Breath work will escort the brain into mindfulness and peace. Finishing with a lengthy meditation including reiki, the body, mind, and spirit will be lulled into a safe space of self-healing and rejuvenation.

This retreat is suitable for every fitness level and the practice can be on the ground or in a chair. Please, wear loose-fitting comfortable clothes, and bring a mat (if you have one) and water.  All other supplies will be provided for you. Class size is limited to ten. Contact to pre-register (required).

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