What to expect when visiting Unity

We welcome you either in-person or online via Facebook for our services! To watch virtually, go here-https://www.facebook.com/Unity-Hagerstown-129128313825211/

To visit in person, see below-

Our Celebration Service meets at 11:15 a.m. every Sunday in the Fellowship Hall of St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Lappans Road for about an hour. We are pretty laid back, and invite people to dress comfortably. We open the service with a quote and affirmation, followed by prayer and a song.  During the rest of the service, there will be announcements, reading of the Daily Word (an inspirational offered by Unity) a fifteen to twenty minute message, followed by a guided meditation, and more music.  We close the service by taking an offering and inviting a brief time of sharing in life's celebration.  At this time, visitors are encouraged to introduce themselves, however if this is uncomfortable in any way, do not feel as though you have to do so.  We close the service by forming a circle, joining hands and singing our closing song.  All songs have words on the screens inside the sanctuary, and most are easy tunes to pick up.

When you pull into St. Mark's, the driveway will take you to the parking lot in the back.  The Fellowship Hall is the closest building to the parking lot, (you drive next to it on your way to the parking lot). Come into the main the doors of the Fellowship Hall and you will meet our Greeter for the day.  The Greeter will hand you a visitor packet with information about Unity inside and a feedback form on the outside.  If you like, please fill out the form and drop in the offering basket during the service. If you have children with you, our Youth Ed. Director will approach you to see if they would like to stay upstairs for the main service, or join the youth ed. program downstairs.  You will be invited to go downstairs to tour the rooms the children meet and to ask any questions you may have. Children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary or join the Children's classroom.

As you enter the sanctuary, you will see coffee and tea served to the left, (before and after the service), comfortable chairs and you might notice that you weren't handed a bulletin.  We believe in living simply and not using the earth's resources unless necessary, so we use a powerpoint instead of a printed bulletin. 

At times we might have an opportunity to 'greet your neighbors' during the service.  We do so with a handshake, hug or a howdy.  If you are not a hugger, simply put your hand out to shake.  If you prefer, simply wave your howdy! 

We know that life is busy and your time is precious and appreciate your joining us on a Sunday morning!