Praying with others

An early tract sent out by Silent Unity to those requesting prayer stated something along the lines of  “We don’t pray for results of things that are requested. The real need is for wisdom, understanding and good judgment. The real need is to heal a sense of insufficiency.”

In praying with and for others, we recognize the Divinity within them and within all life, no matter what the appearances are.  We must know and affirm that each person is created in the image and likeness of God.  However, we cannot do this successfully until we know that WE are created in that Divine image.  Therefore, we must first get still and center ourselves in this knowing...

"Your greatest prayer for another is the realization that God is within him, a loving presence, a power for good, a moving force that heals and guides and blesses.  Feel your oneness with those for whom you pray."   Listen Beloved Martha Smock 

"There is one prayer that always has power to help others.  There is one prayer we can always make for another, whether he asks for prayer or not.  This is the prayer of love.  To make the prayer of love is to see the one for whom we are praying perfect in spite of flaws; for this is how love always beholds the beloved.  When we do this, we call forth the highest and best in everyone for whom we pray."  James Dillet Freeman  Prayer: The Master Key

"There is power in prayer; there is much that we can give to others through our prayers.  The greatest gift we can ever give to anyone, the most helpful thing we can ever do for another, is to trust the power of God in that person, to have faith that with this power all things are possible, all disease is curable, all conditions are capable of transformation."  Meet it with Faith  Martha Smock

Most prayer is about healing or to realize wholeness in some way.  Wholeness is natural to us, being an aspect of Divine Nature and therefore our Divine Identity.  When we pray for wholeness, we are really seeking to be reminded of our essential wholeness. 

We are fully divine, through and through eternally.

“Be perfect therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”  Matthew 5:48. Perfect here does not mean flawless, but rather refers to maturity, as in being fully grown, specifically spiritually.  “Jesus was not demanding good behavior.  He was calling for remembrance of our essential wholeness, our realization of this truth:  life is uninterruptible and incorruptible.”  Martella Whitsett

Jesus often stated to those needing healing “You are made whole” Typically we have seen this as Jesus doing the healing, but what if it was Jesus reminding people that ‘ you were made from wholeness.  You have never been less than whole because wholeness is your true nature.  You were made whole.”

When praying with another for wholeness, we first remind ourselves of our own perfection as held in Divine Mind, and then see it in the one with whom we are praying. 


When praying for peace in this world, we recognize the peace within and bring it forth into our daily life. 


Prayers can change how we view the world, and that can change how we interact with others, the environment and ourselves. This is how we can bring more peace into the world, one person at a time.