Why I serve

Debbie has always loved to cook and it’s something she does exceptionally well.  Just ask anyone at Unity.  From gluten-free creations to vegan dishes, she loves to share her talent with others.

Debbie is the head of the Hospitality Team, which provides coffee and a light snack after the service on Sundays.  She says “Food is like the glue bringing people together, which helps build community. Having something to talk about can become a focal point for those new to community or uncomfortable meeting others.  The coffee hour after the service is a great time to get to know others in the community and to fellowship.”

Debbie also is part of the team which provides meals on a monthly basis to Holly Place. She says helping out this wonderful facility by giving them a good home-cooked meal gives her a good feeling, It’s a blessing to be a blessing and truly as we give, we receive!