Our People

Our Minister- Rev. Sandy Boyer

I grew up in a church, where I would count how many yawns I had during the sermon.  As a young adult, I often said that nature was my church, as I hiked outside on Sunday mornings.  While I was in my thirties, I found myself missing a spiritual community.  I didn't know what I wanted exactly, just knew that I had to look. Ideally, I wanted something where the people were welcoming, where I could make a difference, a church that was all-inclusive, a place where I could grow spiritually.  I visited many churches, before finding a Unity church.  Upon visiting Unity for the first time, I knew I had found what I was searching for....like-minded folks coming together to create a world that works for all.  I became a Licensed Unity Teacher in November 2006, pioneered Unity of Hagerstown in 2007 and was ordained in 2015 with Unity Urban Ministerial School.

I am blessed to serve in this wonderful spiritual community as we grow together in love and consciousness.


Our Board of Trustees-

Tara Louchery, President

Dotty Drass, Vice President

Beegee Miller, Treasurer

Nina Clopper, Secretary