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How I found Unity-Rev. Sandy Boyer

I grew up in a Presbyterian church, where I would count how many yawns I had during the sermon. I’m grateful for that experience, though as the Sunday School gave me a pretty good background in biblical stories. In my teens, I had a ‘born again’ experience and played in the fundamental Baptist fields for a while.  I loved the sense of purpose and spirit in the services, but I soon began to question some of the doctrines.  I eventually left the church altogether and learned to see nature as my church. Hiking outside on Sunday mornings, I felt the connection to Spirit all around me, with every step and every breath. I dappled with more earth-based traditions and eastern philosophies, as I studied, and eventually received my degree in world religions. I continue to be influenced by different faith traditions, not only in my private practice but in creating Sunday talks as well.
As a young mother in my thirties, I found myself missing a spiritual community, really looking for the support, sense of purpose and connection one finds.  I didn't know what I wanted exactly, just knew that I had to look. Ideally, I wanted something where the people were welcoming, where I could make a difference, a church that was all-inclusive and a place where I could grow spiritually.  I visited many churches, before finding Unity, none of the feeling quite right for me. Upon visiting Unity for the first time, I knew I had found what I was searching for.... like-minded folks coming together to create a world that works for all. And unknowing, I had put one of Unity’s basic teachings into place, as I visualized what I wanted, it soon came on my radar.
I continue to study Unity, as well as other New Thought and world traditions. I see the common thread of love and strive to live from this place.