The Law and Love

We have been looking at the law of attraction and learning how to use this law to move into a life more abundant. The law states that we bring experiences into our lives on the same level of our vibration.  We can change our life’s experience by shifting our vibration, and we do this by paying attention to our feelings, as they are indicators of what vibration we are holding. When we discover that our feeling is one that doesn’t feel good, then we are out of alignment with our higher self.  We can trace that feeling of not feeling good, to see what it is that we want to experience, what would make us feel good. And the good news is that we have help in identifying what that would be…our inner guidance system.  This will always bring us back to alignment with our higher self, our true self.

Abraham states “Vibration discord is always the reason for negative emotion. And negative emotion is always guidance to help you redirect your thoughts to find vibration alignment with who you really are and with your current desires.”
It is our learning device, the feelings we feel within the body.

Mary Morrisey writes about the Wisdom of Yoda: 

“Do you remember in the Star Wars movies the great wisdom that came through the little character, Yoda? One of his wisdom teachings has stayed with me a long time.  Luke is asking the wise one ‘How do I know the right decision to make?’ among all the many decisions, how do I know the one that will be ‘with the Force’, or in the will of God? How do I know the right decision to make? Yoda looks at him and says ‘You will know through the peace and calm.’ You will know you’re on the right track when you’re not feeling frantic, when you’re not feeling anxious, when you’re not struggling with different parts of yourself.  When you get to the right answer and the right decision that is yours, there will be a peace and calm that will show up within you and radiate from you.  So, as we make decisions today, may we look for that peace and calm that is the confirmation that we are in the will of God, in the Tao, or in the way of things.  Let us turn to that peace and calm as our compass and our comfort.”

Abraham tells us to look for the things that feel good when you focus upon them.
Imagine the situation as you want it to be, visualize what it is you and hold your attention on that vision until you feel relief from the not so good feelings. The new feelings of expansiveness are your indicator that a shift has occurred.
This is really the basis for affirmative prayer.  As we pray, we release the concerns and shift our focus to what it is we want.
Thomas Troward writes ‘Having seen and felt the end, you have willed the means to the realization of the end.” In other words, once we conceive of an experience, and feel the experience on a deep level, we have created the conditions to bring it about. Life is lived from within-out.
Psalm 91 tells us ‘He that dwells in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.”  As we dwell in consciousness of the highest vibration, holding the vision of oneness, we shall abide under, as Butterworth tells us ‘the protective umbrella of consciousness’
As we move more and more into the feel good feelings, we may notice that we feel real good the closer we align with our higher self.  We see that we are a mighty magnet, if we want more friendship, we radiate friendship, if we want more love, we radiate love.  As we align with our higher self, this consciousness, we truly are under the protective umbrella, and won’t need to visualize material things.  Psalm 21:2 You have given him the desires of his heart.

 And we know that the desires of our heart are gentle promptings of God’s voice within us.  Butterworth writes that a true desire is not to have, but to be. “We are whole creatures in potential and the true purpose of desire is to unfold that wholeness, to become what we can be.  As Goethe says, ‘Desire is the presentiment of our inner abilities and the forerunner of our ultimate accomplishments.”
Butterworth reminds us “You are a living magnet, constantly drawing to you the things, the people, and the circumstances which are in accord with your thoughts. In other words, you are where you are in experience, in relationships, even in financial conditions, because of what you are, (which is where you are in consciousness).”
As we remember what we are truly, our oneness with Spirit, a fountain of love and wisdom, then the law, which is another name for God, energizes the protective power.  When we are living from an awareness of the truth of our being, then does the power of God protects us, as we lean into God’s goodness.
Daily Word March 17, 1983
I am secure in my awareness of divine protection.

A sense of divine protection is not dependent on outer measures alone. Rather, it begins inwardly with an awareness of Gods protecting presence.
In whatever surroundings we find ourselves, our protection, the protection of others, and the protection of property as well, are assured as we pray for an awareness of Gods all -enfolding presence and power. Gods protecting presence is with us to guide us, to guard us, to shield us, to defend us.
This doesn’t mean we don’t wash our hands, or go to the store without a mask.  What it means is that we move away from fear, and let love become the vibration we hold.

Sue is a student in one of the classes I teach at UUMS.  She is a wonderful, loving person, committed to her spiritual path, compassionate in her posts and loving in her comments to her classmates’ posts.  In one of her other classes, homiletics, or the art of preaching, Sue had to do a video of her delivering a sermon.  She asked a friend to look at it and give her feedback. Her friend was so impressed with the video, she forwarded it on to several of her friends, who forwarded it on.  It reached a couple who watched it and asked who is this person who speaks so wonderfully on spiritual matters? They found out that Sue, who they didn’t know, was a student at UUMS, and contacted the school and paid for Sue’s tuition for the upcoming semester.
When we raise our vibration to one of love, we don’t worry. We feel good and we have opened the protective umbrella of consciousness and bring the protective power of God into our lives.

“Love is the drawing power of the mind” (Fillmore, Talks on Truth, 55).  
It is the attracting agent of the universe.
What can happen in our lives when we open our hearts and let love and compassion flow freely?  As Oprah says, we feel oneness, kinship, and experience the universe as loving us back.  We feel connected to everyone in our lives.  We feel whole and because we feel good, the law of attraction brings to us all that we desire.
To experience love fully means to experience who we really are -Chopra.  The only reason we don’t experience love consistently is because we are not used to living from our True Self.  “Love is the drawing power of the mind” Fillmore
Understanding that love’s magnetizing power draws to us situations that reflect harmony and oneness is understanding the law of attraction, which as Linda Martella-Whitsett tells us is based upon the principle and power of love. The highest law of attraction is love.
We move into a time of meditation in which we will have an opportunity to take limiting beliefs and replace with beliefs that more closely align with who we are as an individual expression of spirit.

Close your eyes and bring your hands  to your stomach, right hand being cradled by the left.  Imagine a bright, white fluffy dandelion, resting in your hands. Not the flower, but the stage when the seed pods are barely hanging on, in a bit of fluff.
Now take a deep inhale and as you suspend the breath, feel any worry or concern about finances that your body may be holding, breath this worry out, through your mouth gently blowing on the dandelion, seeing little puffs of the dandelion float away, and know that you are always connected to the Source of Divine Abundance, living in the flow of  substance.  Take another breath and connect with any anxiety you may be holding about your physical well-being, suspend the breath and feel the feeling, then blow it out, onto the dandelion and picture the dandelion fluff floating away, and know that you are held in Divine Mind as perfect Life sit with this understanding for a moment..,.  God is vibrating in every cell of your being.  Breath deeply and connect with any loneliness you may be feeling, suspending the breath…blow once more on the dandelion, letting this loneliness go, as you realize that you are always connected to God and every one you love, to all creation… sit with this connection, allowing the feeling of connection to grow from the heart. Breath deeply and connect with any feeling of grief, for a life that has past, for loved ones, suspend the breath and feel the feeling, gently blow this out and know the source of comfort is within, sitting with this understanding that you are enfolded in the love and care of God always.  Breathe in and connect with lingering unnamed fear that may be harboring within, as you exhale, gently blow on the dandelions and see bits of it float away, and picture the fear gently floating out of your body with your breath, and is replaced by love….as we move into a period of silence, know that you are love.  Silently affirm I am love...