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A Course in Miracles is something of a phenomenon that has affected the lives of many thousands of people. This three-volume set of books was received through a process of inner dictation by a psychologist at Columbia University, beginning in 1965. After ten years of preparation, the Course was first published in 1976 by the Foundation for Inner Peace. Since then, more than three million of these books have been sold, without the benefit of any paid advertising, to men and women in every walk of life and every major faith.

The Course consists of a 669-page Text, which describes the theoretical foundation upon which its thought system is based; a 488-page Workbook for Students, containing 365 daily lessons that are designed to train the mind of the student along the lines set forth by the Text; and a 92-page Manual for Teachers, which answers some of the questions most likely to be asked by one studying the Course, and clarifies some of the terms used in the books. While the Course is primarily a self-study program, many hundreds of study groups have been established worldwide.

On one level, A Course in Miracles is a restatement of the core of wisdom found in every major world religion. However, the Course is a spiritual teaching rather than a religion. While it uses Christian terminology, it is ecumenical in nature and states that “a universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.” The Course makes no claim of being “the only way,” but clearly states that it is only one of many thousands of forms of “the universal course” that can be used for personal transformation.

From  https://www.miraclecenter.org/wp/about/a-course-in-miracles/


Currently meeting on Zoom.  RSVP zestandgrace@gmail.com  for details

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