Our Youth

Our Youth and Family Ministry is filled with dynamic, enthusiastic teachers, assistants and volunteers dedicated to providing a spiritual experience for kids of all ages. Myrtle Fillmore believed our mission was not to “entertain the children, but instead, to draw them out.” Using relevant course material, in a safe and nuturing environment, we give the opportunity for the children to find the spiritual principle, instead of being spoonfed.

"When our children have the Christ Spirit pointed out to them as being within and as a living fount of health, wealth and happiness, they will quickly accept it." Charles Fillmore

Our Youth Ministry Mission Statement-
With love and dedication, Unity of Hagerstown provides a fun and creative learning experience for children to express their innate wholeness.

We are excited to introduce the upcoming Youth Ministry curriculum ‘Children on a Quest’, Sunday mornings at 11 a.m., beginning Sept. 11, 2016. Meeting at St. Mark’s Episcopal 18313 Lappans Rd., Boonsboro MD

The story of the Quest is an ancient theme, following a classical pattern of a hero’s journey.  In most stories the hero receives a ‘call’, stirring his/her heart and creating a yearning to connect with something more.  From that point onward the journey is filled with new experiences and challenges, overcoming fears and limitations.  The ultimate prize one gains as a result of engaging in the journey is transformation, a rebirth in consciousness and daring to live life fully.  Unity’s curriculum focuses on our Quest to know God, learning and growing through the journey, and experiencing our connection with each other.

It’s fun, it’s an adventure, it can make a difference!