Come and Stand Here

I used to work for a boss who made a practice of standing next to me, side by side, rather than our facing each other when we were having a conversation. It was a way of communicating, “Let’s look at this situation together. Let’s stand in the same place and look outward together. What are you seeing?”

This reminds me of a healing story from the Gospel of Luke (6:6). Jesus comes upon a man in the synagogue, on the Sabbath no less, whose right hand is withered. He said to the man, “Come and stand here.” Jesus wasn’t telling the man what to think or do or believe. He was just inviting the man to come and stand where he was standing, come look at the situation from a different perspective, see things as I see them. Jesus was inviting the man into an experience to see for himself. “Come and stand here. Now what do you see?”

I think of healing as being like that. Healing always involves a shift in perspective, seeing things from a new vantage point, from a higher place. And it comes as a result of a direct experience we have, when we are open to Divine guidance, when we’re willing to move into a new place to see things differently. The Christ Presence is always inviting us into a deeper experience of healing, “Come and stand here.” Now what do you see? Look at things from a new perspective. Now what do you see?

We are called to be a healing presence in every area of our lives, for ourselves personally, for our families, our communities and our world. One of the things that works for me in shifting my perspective is asking questions. The root of the word question is “quest”–and so I think of  the process of asking myself questions as a way of questing, being on a quest for greater self-discovery. How can I be a presence for healing in the world? What needs healing within me so that I can see more clearly? How can I hold the space for others to see more clearly?

Beholding you with the eyes of love,


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